Vincent Balestriere

Dr. Soliman has treated me on multiple occasions and has always done excellent work. He knows the history of my injuries and always takes that into account when providing therapy. But he’s also not afraid to push when necessary; you won’t get better if you don’t put in the effort, and Dr. Solimon constantly reminded me of this.

I first saw him for a pair of muscle tears in my right shoulder, injuries I’d suffered years earlier but never really addressed because I was an obstinate teenager. Eventually, I grew up and admitted I needed help once I couldn’t put on a coat without gritting my teeth to mask the pain. A few therapists I had consulted about it recommended surgery to repair the tears, which I really didn’t want to go through…because shoulder surgery is extremely painful (this relevant later). Dr. Soliman instead diligently worked with me 3 days a week, slowly strengthening the muscles around the tears over the course of six months. My shoulder felt almost as strong as it ever had been, without having to go under the knife.

A few years later, I returned to Dr. Soliman for another injury to the same shoulder, which unfortunately had required surgery. Pro-tip: shoulder surgery is horribly painful. It was way worse than the injury was. The recovery was an extremely long road, but Soliman was there every step of the was. He spent hours with me relaxing and exercising my shoulder when I didn’t have the strength to do it. He got to work right away to keep my shoulder from freezing up and becoming even more painful. It was another arduous six month, but by the time I’d left his care, I was confident that my injury would no longer intrude on my daily life. A year after the surgery I can play most sports without issue or pain, and I’ve got 98% range of motion. All because Soliman wanted to keep working with me and keep pushing me. Other therapists will do the minimum required of them just to get you out the door, but Soliman is invested in your recovery. As long as you want to recover, I can’t think of a better therapist to see.