Physical Therapy Services Offered in our Staten Island Clinic Newyork


We diligently care for your welfare by providing timely, compassionate care. We have more than 25 years experience in helping others get back to feeling their best and enjoying their lives again.


We strive to consistently deliver the best approach to your care and education. We value using evidence-based methods to fully understand your needs.


We are able to help with many different needs, including post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, geriatrics, pain management, fall prevention management and work-related injuries.


Thank you for your care and concern for my FULL recovery!

I have had two hips and one knee replaced over a four-year time frame. I had a wonderful surgeon but I credit Dr. Hammouda Soliman for my full recovery. After each surgery, it was Dr. Soliman who set up a system of exercises for me that allowed me to walk with the gait of a younger woman. Thank you for your care and concern for my FULL recovery!

Beth Johnsen

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Soliman

Dr. Soliman definitely has healing hands. When I first walked in to his office I was using a cane and had terrible back pain. He immediately discovered the problem and with strong, skillful hands and other techniques treated my back which has significantly relieved the pain. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Soliman for all he has done to help me live with much less back pain.

Sister Josita

I was very fortunate to get Dr. Soliman as my physical therapist.

I was very fortunate to get Dr. Soliman as my physical therapist. He enabled me to gain some mobility by rising up to use my walker, though I am still lacking stability. He has enabled me to use the stairs but I need help.  Dr. Soliman has combined his professional knowledge together with kindness, so he merged “head” and “heart”. I consider him a friend.

Joyce Treghia

I can't think of a better therapist to see.

Dr. Soliman has treated me on multiple occasions and has always done excellent work. He knows the history of my injuries and always takes that into account when providing therapy. But he’s also not afraid to push when necessary; you won’t get better if you don’t put in the effort, and Dr. Solimon constantly reminded me of this. Soliman is invested in your recovery. As long as you want to recover, I can’t think of a better therapist to see.

Vincent Balestriere

I give them 5 stars!

After total knee replacement both knees 17 months apart the care I received from my physical therapist Hammouda Soliman was impeccable. His concern, his caring and his one on one for his patients is impeccable. 100% top shelf. No where do I know of this kind of care. 

His office for outpatient rehab care is located in Staten Island. His assistant Liz works with patients and work right along side of him. Very efficient nothing is a miss. The machines we work on are excellent and the atmosphere is so compelling, very important for healing. I feel so blessed to be in Soliman’s care. I give Soliman, Liz, and his well equipped office 5 stars for being most involved and successful with patients – this, is where we get well – 

Audrey S

All I can say is WOW! Did I choose the right therapist!

I had total knee replacement surgery on two knees on June 5th and the other on June 7th. After 5 days at Mt. Sina I went for 9 days of rehab in Staten Island. I have 6 weeks of in house rehab and then went for outpatient rehab with Dr. Solimon 3 days a week, two hours a day. All I can say is WOW! Did I choose the right therapist! Not a “factory” where you are a Medicare number. Dr. Solimon is a very compassionate and patient person. In addition to his one on one program and excellent exercise equipment you feel very comfortable that he really cares about you. After a new months of intensive work with me, I just threw away my cane and in another month or so will be fully recovered! He is the real deal and I highly recommend his services.  

Cary Safir


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